How are Files Uploaded to Data Carousels

Please refresh our minds as to how the files are uploaded onto the data carousels and transmitted over the course of a week.

In the old Ku Band structure you typically had 3 to 4 running. Now in L Band, it appears only 1 runs. The files I have been sending to your Filecast Center have all appeared in a timely fashion :grinning:


The Ku-band service had more bandwidth available, so we had 4 different carousels running at the same time. We would allocate a certain amount of bitrate to each carousel, depending on the type of content. L-band has a usable data rate of 2kbps. For this reason, we stick to just one carousel, which means that only one file is coming down the pipe at a time.

The process now is that I check the filecaster uploads every night. I then take those files and send it through our system, which compresses, encodes, and then modulates the bit stream. And then the files rain down from the skies.