How are number of repeats chosen?

I’ve now had my receiver up for two weeks. In that time I’ve seen the same set of about a dozen wikipedia pages, repeated at least every day. Has any study been done about the optimum number of repeats?

I recognize I am lucky to live nearer the equator than most, my setup has SNR 8-9 at night and 6-7 during the day. I’ve received well over a million packets with 14 failures, with 12 occurring all at once for an unknown reason (perhaps a bird sitting on the box hold in the gear?). But even with poor reception it seems that more repeats reach a point of diminishing return. Even at a 20% failure rate it seems like you have a good chance of completing a 1000 packet file in 5 or 6 attempts, and beyond that you aren’t accomplishing much.

And finally even if you think a large number of repeats is best it might be better to daily drop some pages and add new ones, so those of us with solid connections see something new each day.

Actually, there is no set repeat policy, as the there is already FEC (in two placed) for each file being delivered. The only reason you are seeing the very high number of repeats is because a new software release is being developed, so adjusting the content stream is on hold for the next week.

We’ll be introducing far more news content, with Wikipedia thrown in for flavor. In most cases, files will not be repeated.

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Sounds good, how are you planning to pick the Wikipedia articles? Based on popularity?

Will you be including languages other than English?

Popularity will likely be it. For now, we’ll stick to English–until there is demand for another language.

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¿Cómo surgiría la demanda si no hay razón para que la gente compre una linterna? Me parece pollo y huevo.

Where receivers are sold.

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perché vorrei comprare qualcosa che non ha nulla riesco a capire su di esso però?

We’ll need to depend on local resellers to provide input on that. Selling receivers directly from our website will definitely not be the way to get out into the remote areas.

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Syed what is the Outernet "REMOTE"distribution strategy.?

Working within existing distribution channels for consumer electronics.

I would be nice if we get more different content, because I cannot really judge if my setup is working good enough as long as I get the same files over and over. My S/N is marginal. I seem to receive the weather info well, but I maybe missing files, but I cannot tell right now…

We will start sending a daily list of content, after the next release is ready.

Do you have an approximate time frame?

Any new features?

First look may be late next week. It’s a completely new interface. Night and day. The biggest feature is something that is under the hood–we’ve done away with having a database (PostgreSQL, so the responsiveness is much, much better. All of the processing is handled by the user’s browser and the receiver acts as a very simple file server.

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