How did you discover this project

for me I was on reddit when I discover outernet

I was working on a master’s research proposal to extend the internet to dead zones & remote areas. My research landed me at a YouTube video by the young ceo who was proposing the outernet. I mentioned it in the report.

Wait a minute, I made a video? And I’m still considered young?

Saw it on Reddit, and read up on what a massive scam this is. This is just like Mars One. All marketing, and no technical research to back anything up. They’re going to get gullible people to donate, and not return it once they inevitably fail to produce anything. The number of glaring technical problems with this project is staggering.

Sorry, No video yet. My memory failed me again. It was just your Outernet website that caught my attention so much that I immediately signed up. I guess the simplicity and few words on your site grabbed me just like a video. When you do the video It will compete with Google, Facebook, and many others for the worlds attention. I wish you well and would love to help if I could.