How is the satellite lease paid for?

As a proposed alternative to the existing internet distribution model, long term sustainability is important. I may have just missed it in my reading of the website/forums, but what is the current plan to pay for the satellite bandwidth leases? A subscription model? donations? partnerships? Sale of new dreamcatcher units?

I am very curious to know. Thanks!

The company pays for satellite capacity from cashflow. Sales of Dreamcatchers is a portion of cashflow. I would like to establish a model where sponsors (organizations/individuals) pay for the satellite lease and the community has full control over the content, but we need a way for the community to control the content first.

I see, so some sort of non-profit type thing?

Hi Syed, hello to the Othernet community,

I am a new user of othernet in France.
Regarding your question of having community control, have you ever thought of the decentralized token model (like a public blockchain system).

This can be really easy to use and cheaper: I will try to explain the system with my bad English :

Step 1 Anyone can create a “Public Request for New Content”.
Step 2 Community members can vote for each “ Public Request for New Content ” with “Othernet Vote Token
Step 3 When a content request reaches, for example, 50 “Othernet voting tokens”, the content is broadcast automatically.

How to earn an “Othernet voting token”:

  • If you are registered on the “Global Othernet receiver status”(website) every 24 hours, you earn 5 “Othernet voting token

  • For each message on the forum, you earn 1 “Othernet voting token

  • For the author of each validated “Public Request for New Content”, you earn 10 “Othernet voting token

We can create many ways to earn an “Othernet voting token” and adjust the amount.

I do not know if I’m clear. Do not hesitate to ask me further questions.

Best regards,


@Clement I’m definitely not opposed to incorporating a token model, but I have not yet seen a model that is really compelling for our use case. The voting system you proposed doesn’t really require a tokenization. As a matter of fact, we had this exact system in place years ago (simple content suggestions with voting).

I’m not saying that the token model you proposed could not be used. It just seems a little complicated for something that is inherently simple (voting on content). I could definitely be wrong and am happy to discuss further.

I got an online station might fit on your platform if you would be interested in having it.