How to create free Local Library?

I’ve an idea, but I don’t know how to do it technically, I’m not a technician!

1- I would like to download all the entire Outernet on an external hard desk or laptop.
2- I want to turn that library to a wifi hotspot, where everyone in range can access it.
3-I also want to have the ability to add new books and articles to the library locally that fits the local people there.

Can it be done with zero cost?

If this works on a single device, I can spread it with friends and cover almost a whole city with this free library.
The only requirement is to be 0 cost or at least be done with the cheapest cost ever. (The target is very poor people with average monthly income less than $30 with population of 3 Millions per city)

Tools available are: laptops, routers, repeaters.


  1. Outernet Library does not exist as a downloadable option. You must have a functional receiver (or know someone who does).

  2. Receivers do support wifi hotspots out of the box. You can also connect it to a router and expose the content that way (it behaves as a DHCP client on the Ethernet port).

  3. You can use an USB stick / hard drive, copy files to it, and plug it into a receiver, and any files on it will become available to connected users.

As for 0 cost, that’s not possible considering the cost of the parts you need to build the network.

or use, | with your own content. they also work on MESH networks, and big pc or RPI . . .

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Seems unlikely given the yearly income you state, but what’s Android penetration like?

You could install and point it at (which seems out of date @branko?)

You could then install on the phones and share it peer to peer. So long as you keep sharing the APK files and enough people have Android phones it would be zero cost.