I am confused with components of complete kit




@Tysonpower Also be sure to keep in mind that there is a second version of SDRx that has a male USB-A connector. I’m sure that will impact your housing design. The purpose of the male USB connector is to connect directly to the full size connector on the CHIP. This eliminates the need for a short microUSB cable.


Has this version both usb ports? ANd where is the Type A mounted in the version you mentioned?
Because with the Help of the micro usb it would be much more compact.



The one you are receiving only has the microUSB connector. It does not have the male USB-A.


ok great. But where will the Type A be connected in the Version that has no micro USB?

Is the Type A at USB0 (like the micro) or USB1 on the board?



Both versions have the female microUSB at USB0.
The male USB-A is located at USB1. You can see a faint outline in the drawing above.


if one wishes to use this as a general Inmarsat receiver, is there anything special about the drivers or turning on the LNA? Would be using it with a PC running whatever SDR#, etc.


@zoltan can correct if I am wrong, but I believe in this version your only option to avoid the LNA (and filter) is to solder a bridge to bypass the L-bands parts and also add an SMA connector.


Yeah it works out of the box with SDR# !

Right now the internal LNA is limited by the SAW filter, it works between 1525…1560 MHz band, (might good for you Inmarsat work too.)


For LNA bypass one should:

  1. solder the not populated corresponding SMA connector,
  2. short the solder jumper
  3. and advised to open LNA shielding cover and remove the last DC blocking capacitor after the LNA stage to not load the transmission line with extra capacitance.

SDRx Usage Question
Now what? SDRx and passive antenna

No need to disable or jumper the LNA/FIlter for receiving FleetNet, SafetyNet, LES or AERO. It’s perfect as it is. Just was wondering it the LAN must be turned on in software or does it default ON when power is applied.


default on


Got my SDRx today in the mail.

But i think i got the version WITH the USB Type A :wink:

I will test the SDRx after my chip has cooled down and starts again.



I hope that was ok. I wanted you to have the most recent version. The type with no USB-A was a limited production run.


Yeah that’s ok for me. To ahve the newest version is exactly what i need :slight_smile:

Tested it now, works fine. The Signal is a little bet stronger than the SDRv3 and LNA, but not by much.

Unfortunately i had no time so far to design the case for the kit ;(



Syed @Syed, are you planning to develop a combined SDR/LNA and CHIP computer on one board similar to what you did with the old Ku Band Lighthouse? Ken


Lighthouse was not our own design, but yes, it will be something similar–and completely homegrown.


Are you planning on staying with the allwinner A8 for the SoC?



Do you mean the Allwinner A13? Yes, definitely. In the near term, it will be the A13 (which is identical to the R8 on the CHIP). And in the medium term, we’d like to use the GR8, which is just an A13/R8 with RAM in the same package.


I volunteer to test it when it comes out :heart_eyes: