I am confused with components of complete kit

I ordered the complete kit. kudos it arrived in less than a week.

However…it looks nothing like the one my friend has or what I see on your website or in the user manual.

Is the SDR radio and amplifier now on one board? I feel not, I am missing something.

Where does the power go and what goes in to the two USB ports on the larger board?

I didn’t know they were shipping the SDRx. Yes the sdr and amplifier are on one board. I could be wrong but I think the 2 usb ports are just a hub used for connecting external storage. You should only have to connect power and he antenna and you are good to go.

whaaaat?! they are shipping the sdrx from the lantern now? nice!

Or was rhe sdrx send by mistake instead of the DIY kit?


Sorry about the lack of communication on this. Yes, you have our new SDRx, which integrates the USB hub, amplifier, and RTL-SDR on one board. The black data cable connects the SDRx to the CHIP. And then power needs to be provided to the CHIP’s microUSB.

Yes, the two USB ports allow for external storage to be added. I guess it’s possible they could also be used for another RTL-dongle…diversity reception.

@Tysonpower Yes, we’re phasing out the old kit and replacing the separate dongle and LNA with SDRx. From the orders in the last month, about half will receive the old-style kit. And the other half will receive SDRx.

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Found the SDRx in the Shop. There is no image yet, but i think that will be added soon :slight_smile:
I also would like to know the dimensions of the SDRx, could be nice for the 3d printed Case i’m designing instead of the Old SDR+LNA.

A discount on the SDRx for DIY Kit owners would be nice :wink:


Yes, all existing customers will receive discounts for our new products. The board is 70mm x 70mm, though there are three connectors that hang off the edges.

@zoltan Can you share a drawing of the board so @Tysonpower can incorporate it into his case?

@Syed sure here is it, @Tysonpower please find the dxf file here with the board outline and mounting holes:

Also top and bottom layout PDF enclosed.

Thanks for the Board layout :slight_smile:

70x70mm is way smaller than the SDRv3 + LNA. The biggest problem are the cables between CHIP+SDR+LNA.
I widened my case yesterday to compensate for the cables and a USB hub. With the new SDRx i can make the case smaler again and i should be able to increase the possible antenna angle range.

@Syed When will the SDRx be available with a discount for existing customers like me?

Here is an old Render of the case taht i posted in another thread:

I looked around an calculated the elevation angles around the world for Outernet. I think i will redesign my case for the SDRx so it can be used around the world. The case shown above would be only suitiable for most of Europe and some parts of the USA.


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We have a 10% discount for existing customers. I won’t be listing SDRx on the site until all of the February orders are filled, but if you would like one right now, please search for it in the store. I’ll send you a PM with the coupon code.

If you end up ordering it, let me know so I can ship it immediately.

@Syed I would realy like to buy the SDrx.

But i can not pick Paypal as a payment option as before. I only get the option to pay with a credit card.
Is that a Bug or is Paypal not longer a option? That would be bad for me :open_mouth:


I would like the coupon code for the SDRx Thanks

We temporarily put a stop to Paypal through the store. You can pay us through Paypal ([email protected]). $50 - 10% = $45. USPS shipping is included. Please let me know when you’ve sent the payment and I’ll mark an invoice as paid and send the package out.

Wait, I don’t understand. You say you won’t be listing SDRx on the site, but it is already there. And I ordered one last night. Or do you mean you won’t be listing the full kit with the SDRx?


Thanks for the files :+1:

Here is a render of my SDRx mockup for developing my case.

@Syed You should already got my payment for the SDRx :slight_smile:

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I mean listing it as the main product on the site and part of the kit. Sorry about the confusion–I wasn’t very clear.

Will be sure to ship it on Sunday night.

All good. Thanks for the clarification. I look forward to trying out the new board!

Great! Please send me the tracking number when you shipped it, thanks!


wow! That was fast! :slight_smile:

Take care that only the big black circles are mounting holes (4), the smaller holes are tiny GND vias. You have 7 mounting hole right now…

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:
I made the Render at around 2:30am :smile: no wonder that i made som mistakes xD

Changed it:


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