I can Download Files From OuterNet Like ADSL !?

hi guys i need to ask i can download files from Outernet Like download torrent file P2p or i can’t ?

Downloads on Outernet work like this: You have a data carousel, which is basically an infinite loop that contains data for all files that are being broadcast. The carousel data passes through the tuner all the time as long as you are tuned in. The receiver software will look at the stream of data and decide which files to download and which to discard based on records it keeps about what files it has downloaded and which it hasn’t (e.g., it wasn’t tuned in when the file was being broadcast, or the download failed due to noise and other factors). The Librarian interface is then used to go through the downloaded files and add things to archive or delete from disk.

Hope this answers your question.

Also i need to ask can i upload files using Outernet
and how much transition rate will be in download and upload if found ?
Thank you

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