I can't get Raspberry Pi Device ?!

hi guys i don’t have Raspberry Pi and i can’t get it because its not available in my country … but i have USB DVB-S2 and i have hotbird 13e why just i can’t install required software on my PC [ i install Linux on it ] ?!

Unfortunately (did I say ‘unfortunately’ again?!), the software in charge of extracting files from the stream is currently not compatible with Intel and other desktop architectures. Until this issue is solved, we’re sort of stuck with Raspberry Pi.

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ok thanks but please gave me time to be ready to use outernet with intel cpus !
thanks again :wink:

Our plan is to look for an open-source alternative for the data delivery agent. Once we find and successfully test it, we should be able to support more platforms.

Just a thought, I have a Dreambox 500, its a Linux based DBS Satellite receiver, it has a built in Ethernet port, could it be modified to work with Outernet?

@MacMan the onion pi is 100% compatiple it ORx i’m tested and working, ORx work in onion pi than work in raspberry pi

Dreambox uses PowerPC CPU, so I doubt the data delivery agent would run on it. It’s compiled for ARM. We’ll soon start exploring the possibility of using a different agent software for broadcast, which is open-source, and might compile on PowerPC. If that works out, you’ll be able to receive Outernet on it.

are you start outernet project from scratch?
do you look at satkiosk which use DVB-S CARD + PC to receive file from satellite?

Can you use such method in parallel for PC users?

We are currently looking at OpenCaster and evaluating use of DSM-CC object carousel. It’s open-source, and DSM-CC is a public specification so it would be possible to develop and/or use open-source client software. This is a high-priority target for us, but there are some things we need to finish before doing this, so there is no release date yet. The ability to build receivers from just about any combination of components you can think of will probably come next year.

FWIW the Outernet team would like to change this more than anyone else, but we can’t right now for one reason or anohter. Maybe if we had some help from someone that has already worked with OpenCaster and knows of a working DSM-CC client that would integrate nicely, it would speed things up, though… nudge nudge, wink wink.