I have my Dream Catcher, I have a signal -18,now what?

I got my Dream Catcher yesterday. I plugged it in and it appears I am connected. Now what?

Is my setup correct?

I am really having a hard time finding information to move forward.

You need to either aim it better or remove the obstructions blocking it, -18 is horrible SNR, need to get it closer to 0 or better. Mine runs with an SNR of +5 .
Then your dashboard screen should show file by file downloads occurring.

Need better reception.

I can get consistent packets at -12… you can see the packet errors below the snr in your screen shot, those are going to prevent you from getting files.

Couple of things with aiming, you have the obvious up-down, left right, and then there is the less obvious rotation of the LNB (I believe mine needed a few degrees counter clockwise in MN), and if you are in a high noise environment you might need a horn. My cheap and easy solution for a horn was a red solo cup with the bottom cut out (careful cutting can leave enough plastic to “Grip” the lnb) with some aluminum foil wrapped around it. I eventually pulled a model from thingiverse and 3d printed a bracket to hold it all in place and will some day cut some flashing to size/shape for a better horn.

When actually aiming it may be useful to have a phone or something open to the web page, the updates for SNR are quite fast and you can see when you’ve got it tuned in.

those tips got me from -19 when I first set it up to -12 to -9 depending on the day.