I have some qustion about outernet!

hi guys i need to ask some questions about outernet
1-When we will be able to use this service?
2-This service will be available in Egypt?
3-This service Two-Way OR One-Way ?
4-What setups required To be able to use OuterNET ?
5-What the satellite, which will be broadcast from this service?
Srry for my many questions :blush:

Service is already live.

It is probably available in the Northern parts of Egypt right now via Hotbird 13E satellite. We are aiming for global coverage by the end of this year if everything goes right.


Please look here

If I understood this question correctly, you’re asking about satellites which Outernet is using? Currently, we’re broadcasting from Hotbird 13E (most of Europe and North shore of Africa) and Galaxy 19 (Northern America).