I need a help with Outernet team

Honestly I want to contact with Outernet team. I have ordered a Packet Radio Receiver since a year ! recently, I’ve been trying to contact with them and sadly they don’t answer.

Packet radio receiver? What did you order?
What country are you in?

–Konrad, WA4OSH

my order is :
Deluxe Outernet DIY Receiver Kit

I’m from Oman. and I’ve ordered it in 28 April 2017 . it is really disappointed that they rarely answer.

Did they send it out already?

they did but didn’t arrive . they have said It’s floating around out there somewhere!!!

then they asked for extra cost for reshipping and I paid it, after that I didn’t receive any update

I think we had quite some People here that came from Saudi arabia (or somewhere near that) and didn’t got their parcel. I would guess that there is a problem with the customs in your Country or the parcel got lost somewhere on the way to you. I don’t think that the Outernet Team can do much for you in this case.

I ordered multiple times from Outernet and everything worked out great. I also got a Response quite fast in the past.


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but I’ve asked them to send it to the UK because I’m studying in Liverpool and I will stay here for 2 years . The problem they still not answer!!!

So , no one of Outernet here to solve this problem

It does not really matter anymore because that receiver is obsolete anyway.
The transmission it was designed to receive no longer exists.
I have one of those kits as well, for me it arrived in reasonable time, but as of now only some of
the individual items can be considered re-usable for other projects, not for Outernet anymore.

what about the refund ?

Hello @Mohammed_Al_Rashdi: I tried searching for an order with your email address, but was unable to find one. I also searched for your email address in [email protected] mailbox, but was not able to find an inquiry. Can you please contact [email protected] with your order number?

We did state on our product page that we are unable to guarantee delivery or the long-term availability of the service. I’ve been told by many people that it seems that the product pages actively discourage the purchase of our products.

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Hi @Syed the email I used to order is [email protected] , my Order #106103 .The last email I have sent it to [email protected] was in 30th January but I didn’t receive any answer.

Also, Kara has wrote to me about my order but when I answered her she disappeared!

Our internal system shows we shipped the order, but the USPS tracking has no record of it. Because there is no record of the order being entered into their shipper’s system, we will absolutely refund your money. I think it is best to continue the conversation over email; I will reply to the email address above. My apologies for the delay and problem with your order.


@Syed please can you check my mail. I’ve sent more than mail and again no answer. Many thanks

@Mohammed_Al_Rashdi We sent a refund to the card on file on 4 Febrary 2018. There was a notification that was sent which clarified this. Did you not receive that?

I appreciate your help, honestly I delete my MasterCard (ending in 5677) which you refund to. Can the refund go to the last VISA (Ending in 5171 ) , which I used it to pay the reshipping.

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Unfortunately, we can only apply the refund from the payment source.