Identify lighthouse data problem?

im not sure if the lighthouse ist geting all the data saved

i compare local lighthouse content whit outernet web content
(its a mirror of satellite transmited content ?)


oficial outernet updates via satellite ?

my lighthouse get stukc on 2016-2-17 donwloads

here tuner pics

my questions are
is this content alrready transmited ? why my lighthouse did not get that or save the data ?

here log

looks identical to mine!


I’ve started looking at this, it appears webdemo was updated with user content while the content was not going over the air. I’m not sure what has caused this, but i’ll update here when it’s fixed.

I’ve also noticed that it seems some data may not be updating. It seems Tweets are up-to-date, and I see occasional new “pages”, but looking through “files”, especially the folders that have dated sub-folders (“Community Uploads” and “Weekly Selections”), seem to only have February folders (week of 2/22 in Weekly Selections and 2/9 and 2/17 in Community Uploads).

Of course I don’t know if that indicates a problem or if there just hasn’t been any new content for those categories for a few weeks.

Same here on Galaxy 19. Only new Tweets and an occasional file, but no weekly’s or dailies. Ken

Weekly bins are in a bit of limbo at the moment. You should see new content on a weekly basis starting this or next week.

@Barefoot_Mike What new pages are you seeing? Mind giving some screenshots or pasting titles?

I’m not sure why daily bins stopped functioning back on February 17th, but that’s when they broke. I’m currently working on a fix. We haven’t decided what to do with all the currently unbroadcast daily bins, but they will certainly be sent out at some point soon.

Also nobody mentioned RSS, but that hasn’t been updating either. The download policy was too aggressive and the bot got black listed from the major feeds we had like PLoS. :sob:

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@Ben here are the most recent “pages” in “Library”…
New Job Opportunities at Creative Commons 3/8/16
Happy Open Education Week 3/7/16
World Without Waste? Appropedia and the Sustainability Commons 3/7/16
Trade agreements like TPP need radical transparency… 3/1/16
Jonatnan Barnbrook… 3/1
Flip Side of Copyright 3/1
then one from 2/12 and a whole bunch from 1/29

I can list more if you like. Also, FWIW, my Lighthouse has only been up since 3/6/2016, plus a day or two back in February.

No, that’s sufficient, thanks. That’s more or less what i expected to hear.

The dates were helpful as they allowed me to verify what i had suspected at first; only some feeds have blacklisted the script.

I can confirm that no data has been uploaded to the community uploads since 2016_02_17… Funny thing is that I was the one that uploaded the ChoosingRadio-arrl.pdf… Maybe I broke it? :blush: I have uploaded other files but have not seen them on my pi and they made it to the online librarian. Phython book was one of them.

OK, Syed, what’s going on? Other than Tweets, nothings coming down. We are all in agreement on that fact. So what’s next? Ken

Just wondering what the status of this is. Haven’t gotten any new “Pages” since 3/8. No new Community or Weekly files either. Only Tweets are up to date. And just started receiving Kahn Academy/Algebra - that seems to be new.

I’m in AZ, USA, looking at G19 if that matters.

Weekly selections have been deprecated. We have decided to begin broadcasting educational content, specifically Khan Academy’s Youtube videos in 360p, with subtitles. For a complete language/subject list, see this page. We will be broadcasting one episode for each subject for several languages, for a total of approximately 1.5GB per week.

I’m still unsure what’s wrong with the process with user uploads, it’s a very peculiar variety of error so it may take a day or two to resolve.

As previously stated in the thread, the RSS feeder has been too aggressive in its aggregation and has been banned from several prominent sources. I haven’t had any time to do anything about that yet, though i believe we have reached out to the sources in question.

[quote=“Ben, post:12, topic:1956”]
Weekly selections have been deprecated.
[/quote] Nooo… I found a great band that way SKAbrot. Oh well :unamused:

I’m happy to announce that the issues with Drive have been resolved. User uploads should resume tonight from where we left off.

We have not heard back from PLOS, so those feeds have not resumed. I have not had time to check out twitter, so that hasn’t been fixed yet either.

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im not sure that the issues with Drive have been resolved.

and why focus on User uploads(Weekly selections) if they have been deprecated. from outernet project ?