In Linux Kernel 5.30+ still bricking the DreamCatcher or is it resolved?

hey all is the issue described in this document --> still applicable or has it been resolved…

I saw some discussion here --> Dreamcatcher - DONT UPGRADE KERNEL BEYOND 5.27!

any other updates to this?


Good question. I’m not sure when I’ll have time to try upgrading the Armbian image again, but all you’d need to do is backup your card, unhold those packages if you held them, then try the upgrade and reboot. Let us know. :slight_smile:

i just did an upgrade, then tried to boot… failed…
so i mounted up a good SD card, then put the “upgraded” card in the data slot, mounted it and indeed the dtb is missing… so i copied the dtb over from the old one to the new one and tried to reboot on that card… no dice…

still working on it… more to follow…

Ya, problem is the mismatch you have now with the kernel, I tried the same thing before, could never make it work unless I just didn’t upgrade the kernel. Unless there’s a reason you need to upgrade the kernel, you can just hold those packages and upgrade everything else just fine.

yea was trying to see if there was a way to resolve it instead of avoiding it…

has this been reported on armbian?? cant seem to find anything on -->✓&q=

The Armbian guys say the dreamcatcher never had mainline Kernel and Uboot support… so im wondering what the justification for this statement on the DreamCatcher sales site is

Fully mainline (4.10) kernel and Uboot (2017.01) support!

@syed any ideas on the Armbian comment about never having support? Regardless, maybe you can get them what they need to provide such support if they’re willing?

The armbian build for dreamcatcher was done by us - not by the armbian mainline team. It is still being worked on and is not currently mainlined to armbian.

The mainline linux kernel has support for all the features the board uses, and so does uboot. That is what the

line means. It doesn’t mention armbian.

As far as updates are concerned, except for the kernel and uboot packages, everything else is safe to update. I will be making a .deb repo with dreamcatcher kernel and uboot updates at some point, but the sunxi kernel packages from the armbian repo can’t work on Dreamcatcher.

Best way to prevent those packages from overwriting the ones in the dreamcatcher image is to disable the armbian repo in the apt sources - it can be found in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory. Rest of the apt updates are safe to do.

they’ve indicated that they may provide support if some samples are provided and technical details, otherwise the DT source needs to be provided so at least unofficial / community support and stop the upgrade issues with the kernel.

ok i get the need to qualify the statement, but stating you have a mainline kernel means that an upgrade with the common tools wont break it.

I’d probably remove the statement to prevent confusion and/or frustration… this is kind of a big deal, especially when you clearly state the board isnt “officially” supported by outernet.

Any news yet?

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