Installing Skylark on Raspberry Pi 3


I want to ask about how I can install Skylark/rxOS on Raspberry Pi 3 as its not avaliable on


Skylark is only available on CHIP. You can find the latest rxos version for Raspberry pi here however it is no longer being updated.

thank you. do you know if Skylark wiill be supported on Raspberry in the future?

No further development work is planned for the RasPi. But all the code is in the github if you would like to play with it.


The code for “demod” and “ondd” does not appear to be in the github.
Of course there exists another project, “free outernet”, but I don’t think the pieces from both projects
already are plug-and-play to form a portable system. Would be interesting to try to achieve that.

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I don’t think that demod or ondd have had many changes in function, so you should be able to reuse the binaries from the ‘official’ raspi archive if you really wanted to hack around that badly.


Not to sound flippant, but why discontinue support on the pi3 when no one can get their hands on a chip these days? I wanted to try this project, and due to the crazy wait times on shipping, I had to order a pi 3.

Now I follow all these guides on the net, and everything points to broken links, and I see this thread which just baffles me…

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The way it was explained to me has to do with adding an RasPi to a commercial product for sale. Seems it is a legal thing. Most of those make no logical sense to me. But I would think if I came up with a product called a COMPUTE MODULE that you would want people to use it in their commercial product.

Also it does come down to one person maintaining and coding the outernet project. Add a different core, double your workload per patch. Yes, I know that GIT can post those to both pushes at the same time, but let’s just say for the price you would not get much better service.

Ever have a Compuserve account? :slight_smile: Imagine you got that for free after buying a 300 baud modem. From a Satellite.

Oops, forgot to mention one thing. The whole team are packing up Kickstarter packages for the people that initially paid for all this free stuff we are getting to download.


i’m running a rpi3 receiver with the lastest official one for the rpi3.
if you need help, just ask/pm me.

Ok … Help us please

hi , i could use some help here running sdrx l-band outernet on the pi ,

Hi my name Cesar I was scrolling down on the threads and I saw that you are using a Raspberry Pi 3 for a outernet receiver. I was wondering if you can help me with the rxos image. I tried downloading it from the website but it beers at the website is down at the moment.

It seems all images except the dreamcatcher has been removed from I’m not sure why. Maybe @Syed or @Abhishek can answer that. I can upload the image to dropbox if you want it.

EDIT: I just started the upload, check this link in a few hours, I know my internet is slow.

Thanks I would like to try the raspberry pi image as a excercise to compare it to the chip.

I checked the Dropbox were you able to upload image.

Yes, it may have taken longer to upload than I expected, but it is there.

Thanks for the upload of Raspberry Pi Image.

I am not quiet reedy to set my raspberry Pi Outernet up yet.

Would you mind putting up some screen shots of how the Raspberry Pi systems looks and feels.


I don’t use a raspberry pi. I just happened to have the image.:slight_smile:

Hi can sombody hell me to build a raspberry pi 3 with wether satalite infos

will that work on a arduino ono?