Installing Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS on Oracle VM VirtualBox -Windows Environment

Installing Ubuntu on Oracle VM VirtualBox

Use following instructions to install Ubuntu Desktop 64bit on Oracle VM VirtualBox in Windows 64bit environment. (Tested on Windows 10 64bit machine).

Downloading Ubuntu

Download Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.3 LTS 64bit from

Downloading Oracle VM VirtualBox

Download the latest version of Oracle VM Virtual box from

Installing VirtualBox

Run the downloaded setup file. (Installation is very simple)

Creating a New Virtual Machine

  1. On the tool bar click New button.

  2. Name and Operating System: Give a name to your virtual machine, select Type as Linux and Version as Ubuntu (64-bit). Click Next.

  3. Memory size: The recommended memory size is sufficient. Click Next.

  4. Hard disk: Select Create a virtual hard disk now (this is the default selection). Click Create.

  5. Hard disk file type: Select VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image). Click Next.

  6. Storage on physical hard disk: Select Fixed size. Click Next

  7. File location and size: Allocate reasonable amount of disk space. The default shows 8 GB. But I have allocated 60 GB. Click Create.

  8. The process will take some time depending on the disk size.

Installing Ubuntu

  1. The new virtual machine can be found in the left pane. Click on it and on the tool bar click Settings button.

  2. In settings dialog box click Storage, then click Add new storage attachment icon. From the menu click Add Optical Drive.

  3. Click Choose disk button.

  4. Browse the downloaded Ubuntu image file and click Open.

  5. Finally click OK button in the Settings dialog box.

  6. Click Start button on the tool bar to start the Ubuntu machine. This will start the Ubuntu installation on VM.