Instruction Links not working

Hey, I’m trying to follow the instruction here:
The links to the Latest images are broken.
And the links to the 2nd and 3rd parts of the tutorial seem to be too.
I also understand that the PI 3 is now supported?

Thanks for clarifying this for me.

Get the “.zip” file and image it on your SD card. I’m using mine with a Pi3, don’t think any other Pi is supported.

Tried it on RPi 2 but it didnt work. Keeps complainin about cant open /dev/ttyS0 device.
Gues it is caused by the fact the RPi 2 doesnt have an internal Wifi to be used to broadcast the signal.
Will try to work on RPi 2 image with external Wifi dongle and see if it works.
So far only CHIP and RPi 3 are supported by rxOS.

Just get an RPi3 - it’s worth it :slight_smile: