Interesting idea

hello ~

interesting project. wondering if this will be corporate or not.

or is it more of an underground thing.

it would be amazing to not have advertising.

i was wondering does it have upload? can users contribute or is it more a curated thing.

and can people communicate on it?

i could imagine a new neutral alternative to facebook floursihing on something like this.

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Well, it is space-based, so it can’t really be underground. It would be tough to not have advertising, but still be free. If you have thoughts on how to ensure long-term viability of Outernet without advertising–and still offer a free service–we are all ears. And, unfortunately, uploading is not really a core feature. I don’t want to say it won’t be possible, but those details will come out shortly. The primary use-case is a curated broadcast, local citizens determine on which content and applications are broadcast.