Is feedback on "stuck" files wanted?


I’m sure no one monitoring the progress of this project wants to clog this forum or any other means of communication with information that you already have. So, do you have visibility to when files get to a point and get “stuck”. If not, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would be glad to provide feedback.

After several successful downloads this evening, I see that the file on Mrs. Clinton is trying to download again but has stopped at the same percentage.

Hillary_Clinton.html.tgz (70%)

… so if anyone would like to let us know what feedback is helpful to you, I can’t speak for others but would be willing to bet that these good folks are as interested as I am in making our contributions worthwhile.

-Scott, K4KDR

Hi Scott,

My wild guess on this is that version 3 Library software has some kind of display bug and is leaving a artifact on the screen of partially unloaded files. In the back ground it is downloading fine.

Syed has said today Outernet will add news, NOAA images and the already working APRS messages. So there is a lot going on which I think when the dust settles it might fix itself.

Makes sense!

I had noticed that the APRS files continue to download but the couple of files that we’ve seen stuck don’t ever seem to appear in the library. So, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing a real download failure or a false indication, as you suggest.

Lots of potential for a system like this; it’ll be fun watching it mature.

I think I know what is going on with the stuck files: You may have come in partially through the broadcast. So a portion of the file is missing. If it’s a Wikipedia file, it’s not set to rebroadcast daily, which is why it is stuck.

If it helps you to know, I’ve been online with decent SNR for over 24 hours at this point.

Earlier this evening the Clinton file disappeared and other Wikipedia content downloaded at an impressive rate. I suppose the .tgz compression really helps with file size.

Now, since seeing the Clinton file stuck at 70% again, no further Wikipedia content has come down. However, APRS messages continue to arrive.

Update: I just checked before posting this reply and the Clinton file is on longer showing as the download in-progress. Now, with that file gone, other Wikipedia content has started arriving again.

The Clinton file is no where to be seen in the library either, so I would assume it did not download successfully.

I don’t know if this helps, but please note the time gap in /var/log/messages (grepping for the word “completed”)

From 02:18:54 until 04:42:09, there were no Wikipedia downloads (while the Clinton file was stuck at 70%). However, APRS “messages” files downloaded normally during that period.

Oct 11 01:35:32 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/Badminton_at_the_2016_Summer_Olympics.html.tgz
Oct 11 01:45:02 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/Ballers.html.tgz
Oct 11 02:18:54 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/Balochistan,_Pakistan.html.tgz
Oct 11 02:19:15 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-10 21_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 02:19:35 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-10 22_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 02:19:56 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-10 23_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 02:20:17 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-11 00_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 02:20:38 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-11 01_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 02:21:00 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-11 02_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 03:01:36 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-11 03_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 04:01:35 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-11 04_00_01_00_00.html.tgz
Oct 11 04:42:09 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/Aid Agencies Rush to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims in Haiti.pdf.tgz
Oct 11 04:43:36 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/Downgraded Hurricane Matthew Still Battering Florida Coast.pdf.tgz
Oct 11 04:49:18 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/PGEE05_18_CL_new.gif.tgz
Oct 11 04:50:28 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/Peru says Deforestation Slowing as it Beefs Up Laws, Sanctions.pdf.tgz
Oct 11 04:52:07 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/Putin to Visit Istanbul in Sign of Warming Ties, but Syria Tensions Grow.pdf.tgz
Oct 11 04:52:19 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/SERIAL_IF-P.txt.tgz
Oct 11 05:00:34 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/outernet.jpg.tgz
Oct 11 05:01:34 rxos ondd[410]: [carousel] completed: opaks/messages-2016-10-11 05_00_01_00_00.html.tgz

I’ll second this. Online for over 48 hours with good SNR and “Hillary_Clinton.html.tgz” has stayed at 70% for over 24 hours. Other content is coming through.

Bug on our side; has to do with larger Wikipedia files, which is on an automated retrieval system. Should be fixed by tomorrow.

Great! Fantastic job finding the cause of that.

Should we just stand-by ref. the .tgz files not auto-decompressing or is there anything that an outsider can do to help?

Just a waiting game for now.