Is outhernet available in argentina?

I find a lot of different information, and I do not know if today is very cloudy, or there is no coverage here. but I would like to know what band uses othernet now, I have the dreamcatcher v 3.03, the new one, download the latest software but I can not find any satellite. I may be doing something very wrong myself. or it may not be covered. in any case in South America what is the satellite? (if there is) .usa band ku so it says here

Thank you

for now it has become impossible to see the satellite, but I do not give up, today the day is totally clear therefore it should be possible to see it if it has coverage. Now my serious question is a software in the dreamcatcher to scan the sky and see if you see any satellite signal ?, as they have for example the wireless links equipment.

thank you very much

Hi - - you need to be in the following satellite footprint - -


to see SES-2. Ken

I have done it but it seems that the coverage does not arrive here, however I read that other satellites replicated the signal, for example I read that the galaxy 17 did it, is it true?

Hi Simon - - if you are in Argentina, you won’t have signal. SES-2 coverage is only in the areas over North America and Hawaii. At this time, Othernet is operating on a single transponder on SES-2. Last year, when Othernet was an L-band system, it was using 3 different Inmarsat satellites to get full global coverage. Ken

then you can not do anything but wait, that the coverage expands. bah if they will at some time. Also, if possible, do not sell deamcatcher equipment to people outside of the United States, because if you do not have coverage, you will be disappointed. in me I can expect coverage. but be careful with that

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