[is there] A list of public datacasts?

I know several datacast providers.
Like the Othernet, the Toosheh, Blockstream and EUMetcast.
But it looks like there is no fit for me:
The othernet does not cover my country (Kazakhstan),
The Toosheh is shady (opensource installer downloads a binary blob, i do not speak arabic and they use only one beam on one satellite).
The bitstream transmits only Blockchain (but you probably can send messages if you pay cryptocurrency, which is better than nothing).
And the EUMetcast transmits only weather and you need to buy a usb key to decipher it. (Which looks pointless, since you just pay $10 or so to purchase it and no other fees?)

So… Is there other providers? I am primarily interested in ones that i can get my messages sent over - like the Othernet and Bitstream, but if you know a service that just transmist unencrypted news or weather it’s still good to know,