Is there a way to verify the wifi is working through terminal? CHIP and skylark 4.4 - resolved


I think I lost my wifi with the CHIP running skylark 4.4. In my haste I reimaged it and it didn’t bring the wifi back up. I plugged the chip into my tv and see it coming up with the,"Welcome to Outernet’ screen. Is there any command to verify the wifi through terminal.

Thanks in advanced

Have you tried .



sh: nmtui : not found


I just flashed the CHIP OS and everything seems to be functioning. I will try to reflash it with skylark 4.4.

no joy :frowning:

OK, not sure what happened. When I setup the CHIP, I changed the name to Skylark for the network name because I am also running a Rasp PI version. Maybe something happened and that name got switched back to OUTERNET. I was trying to get the outernet status to show up on the website a few days ago. But I am pretty sure that it still said skylark. Damn it!!!