Is there an Outernet Library size limit?

I ask because I’m trying to understand why content is voted on instead of you just jamming as much content as possible into the library.

It seems that would be a faster, though admittedly less democratic, way to stock the library.

Or do you do both?

Also, does the library grow every day or are there long stretches between jumps in content quantity?

Because when I do a search of your library, I don’t see, for instance, wiki pages on some very basic topics.

Can the Outernet Library size support something as large as the scope of an encyclopedia or will you have to pick and choose which entries are included due to size limitations?

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Over Ku-band (which requires a dish), we send about 1GB of content per day, roughly. There is not a limit to the size of the library, but there is a limit to the amount of content that can be sent per day (which can easily be increased, but this is what we currently pay for).

The online version of Librarian is not yet a true repo of the entire archive. That is in the works (we know it’s important). We could just randomly jam content into the daily download, but that would not allow us to deliver information that is most relevant to end users–which is the real goal.

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If the online library is not an accurate reflection of the actual one in use, I obviously am in no position to judge the quality of Outernet’s library until my own Lantern arrives. And that’s fine, I’m sure the actual one is or will become a great deal more extensive.

I would like to assume that, as one of the benefactors of Outernet will be school children in Africa, some semblance of a thorough encyclopedia would be a given, though.

If you leave every piece of data up to a vote, school children trying to learn about the world are going to be confronted by gaps in knowledge.

For instance, you can’t have no entry on who is the president of China, Japan or the U.S because they didn’t get enough votes.

But that doesn’t mean Outernet should not be commended and supported in its endeavor.

I see plenty of wiki type entries coming OTA, for some pretty obscure things.

I dont have any worries that there will be gaps in knowledge.

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We will soon be keeping the online version of Librarian in sync with what is and has been broadcast.

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