Is there any SIMPLE to use first aid advice out there?


I love the idea of outernet, but from what I can see, there is no first aid advice which doesn’t require previous medical knowledge, or equipment/medicine, or which isn’t 488 pages long.
I think that if this is going to people past censorship, or is being broadcast to remote/inaccessible places etc., they need something short and simple which doesn’t require prior knowledge or equipment. You can’t save someone’s life if you have to read a massive document in words you don’t understand which requires stuff you don’t have!

So my question has 3 parts:

  • Does anyone know of anything already on the outernet like this which I didn’t find?
  • Does anyone know of any websites not on the outernet that already do this?
  • If no to both, should I help to write some which can be put on?

(If there it is already on there and I was just too unobservant to find it, I apologise!)

Have you looked for the Girl Scout or Boy Scout handbooks? When I was a Scout, their first aid handbooks were both useful and simple. Someone out there must have uploaded one to the web by now and that’s where I would start. Both scouting groups and probably the internat’l ones offer not only basic first aid but basic wilderness first aid.

How’s this?

Self Help Acupressure in French, English, Spanish, Portugues, Indonesian, Thai
Created by volunteers, pages mostly pictorial illustrations, streamlined for low bandwidth.

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“Where there is no doctor” is likely the best resource for the layman. It is written for use by those living without access to professional medical services. It is very comprehensive, illustrated, and updated regularly by the hesperian NGO. It is copy right free and available for download as a PDF.

They have also published numerous other books that are also copywrite free written and updated regularly by medical professionals.

They were primarily written to provide extensive medical treatment info to those with limited education so they are easy to read by the layman.

Some of the topics include:

“where there is no dentist”

A complete book on midwifery,

Rural sanitation and diease prevention.

And many many more.

These PDF books are available in numerous languages.

I give these books my highest recomendation!

Here is a link to the download page.

I am new to this site. I am a professional survivalist and former special forces soldier who has lived in 30 country’s.

I would be very happy to assist with links to similar content which will be very helpful during disasters, third world living, and primitive living conditions.

I presently practice what I preach as my family and I live off grid and produce our power using solar for 12 volt and a generator for 120/220 when it is necessary to run tools.

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Yes someone has added ‘where there is no doctor’ already

However it’s just the index, not the actual content so not very useful.

Simple firstaid advice is probably hard to find on the internet.
I think that the “British Heart Foundation” have videos that explain certain problems and solutions to different things relating to the circulatory and ventilation systems (mainly relating to the flow of blood around the body). These videos are usually only a maximum of 5 minutes long!

I think these are the main points that are needed for emergency situations!

The US Military Survival Guide (FM 21-76) is great and is in public domain. See:

Also the US Army First Aid book (FM 4-25.11). See:

And US Army Basic Field Manual: First Aid for Soldiers (FM 21-11). See: