IS20 Upstreaming


I work for the satellite broadcaster in South Africa that upstreams to IS20 on a daily basis. I think that I may be able to convince the folks that do the broadcasts to peer the Outernet data (as well as possibly some of our own educational/learning video channels etc).

How would I go about this? Who should I speak to?

I am also planning on doing a community outreach programme with the company to get receiver devices into schools in South Africa. I have already built most of a receiver (haven’t got a DVB-S/S2 dongle yet) so that is moving along nicely.

Any help would be great!

We are already broadcasting on IS20, though.

You can talk to @ThaneRichard.

@pscott209, send me an email: [email protected]. Let’s talk on the phone about this next week.

Probably not the best to talk on the phone, but you are welcome to mail me at [email protected]