Issues with Dreamcatcher v3.05

I am running a Dreamcatcher v3.05 and a Bullseye 10kHz LNB.

I have tried everything including attaching the LNB Directly to the connector provided with the board and have not had any luck. I keep getting the error message “[FAIL] No/Very Little current flowing on the Bias-T; Is your LNB Connected? : 0x21” in the diagnostics tab on the Log Viewer. I am using an Anker PowerPort+ 1 with Quick Charge 3.0 as a power source. The Label states that 3.6-6.5v 3A Output so im thinking that should be plenty of power output to power the board itself. I cant seem to get any type of reception a all. Has anyone else had a similar experience with the v3.05 board? Im growing very frustrated with this ordeal. Really wish that there was a way to do the same thing with an RTL-SDR Stick and Patch Antenna (or something similar).

Are you connecting to the green port of Bullseye LNB?
Can you share a photo?

RTL-SDR works only <1.5GHz, Satellite channels are very expensive there.
It might be possible with an LNB + RTL-SDR in theory, if you have suitable bias-t to power the LNB, and switch it to 10600MHz, but I haven’t tried.
The input frequency for RTL-SDR is still a bit too high but it might work with some dongles.
I’m not sure how good LoRa software decoders are but some should exist (hardware decoders are quite good, being able to decode even at -13 dB).

Another thing I have run into is an open in the SMA cable - - either in the pins or the wires. Check with a VOM the continuity from the SMA connector pin and ground to the Dreamcatcher board. Ken

I have just checked the cable and there seems not to be any type of continuity through the cable. Im gonna try to find a replacement on Amazon and see if that fixes the issue. Ill keep you posted …

You might want to ask @Syed Syed if he can send you a replacement cable. Ken

Installed the replacement cable and I am back in service. Thank you kenbarbi for the hint!

For those Interested , here are the replacement cables which I ordered…

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