Lantern Status for 2020?

It is now June 2020 (5 years since campaign) and we still have nothing. Last update was July 2019.

I am really thinking the product is dead and that revised circuit board is a myth. I’d like evidence to say I am wrong.

Can you communicate what is the hold up now and what you need to do to complete the product?


It is very real. I have bought some of the development boards and they are real!

I have to say that all Lantern backers should get something after all that time…i would also be somewhat angry after all that time.

But i can assure you that the Dremcatcher Boards are real an are working really well!
See the status page, these are all real Stations receiving Othernet including mine here in Germany.

I think the current Problem for Lantern is the Case as far as i know from Forum Posts by Syed.

Beyond the lack of delivered product, there is also an issue of lack of communication for over a year. Add to that a lack of real response by the team in the Indiegogo campaign comments.

I appreciate hardware is difficult and can take longer than expected. I did not buy expecting a rapid turn around, since it was not a finished product.

Also, I would believe that most backers are simply looking for a product that delivers on the original promise and not something perfect. Perfect will never be a thing, since expectations will evolve once the product is in people’s hands. The next versions can improve on something that works as promised, but could better.

Of course the challenge now is to show some concrete progress and communicate in a way that the funders won’t feel are just stalling tactics or excuses.

I am just asking for something to show that progress is being made and that we aren’t going to be waiting for another 5 years.

I hope you don’t think I am being unreasonable.


I do understand that, the communication seems to be not good at all.
They are quite busy in my experience so that will be one of the reasons, still there has to be more Communication on indigogo.

But they did make a lot of Progress, a short rundown:

-> KU Band with Dish, TV Protocoll (DVB)
-> L-Band with a small Antenna, LNA, SDR and SBC (C.H.I.P)
-> L-Band with integrated LNA and own sdr / SBC hardware (Dreamcatcher)
-> KU Band with LoRa Protocol and new Dreamcatcher Hardware, only LNB Needed,no Dish, no Antenna. Current Solution (Will stay i think)

I had everything after the KU-Band with Dish Product and it works really well. The current LNB Only system with the LoRa Protocol is really awesome and works well. I can even receive it Indoors here trough my Window with the little LNB sitting inside.Currently the two rented Satellites cover the EU and North America.

Othernet also developed a new LNB that is even more stable, but even my Cheap standard TV LNB works well. I think hardware wise Othernet is almost ready with the Receiver, only Problem seems to be to find a producer for a decent Case.

I really hope Othernet will get the Lantern out finally, they have worked a lot in the past years and it would be sad to not have a resulting integrated device.


PS: I’m just a Customer and part of the Cummunity :slight_smile:

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I just cleaned out my workshop and found an Outernet SD card (in a wooden box) and an old Raspberry Pi. Lordy, I thought, I never got round to installing this! I wonder if it’s still a thing.
Seems it is, but hanging by a thread.
I thought it was a worthy venture and was happy to contribute, whether or not I actually got mine to work.
I just have a short question, is this not going to be overtaken by Elon Musks satellite venture?

Cheers all, Kreb

Well the Old Raspi System isn’t supported for years now, but yeah othernet is still a thing and works great.

Starlink is not a direct competitor i would say, it will be way more expensive then Othernet. You would have mor eoptions because of the two way Communication of Starlink, but you don’t care about that in the middle of nowhere :slight_smile: We will see :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be interesting to see what type of equipment will be needed for Starlink. Yes they are not going
to launch thousands of satellites for nothing and give out free internet. But on the other hand their is no reason why Starlink could not have one way service as well. Stuff like weather or emergency announcements. Look at shortwave or Free to Air satellite. Those transmissions are free to listen to or watch but are paid for by other organizations or governments.

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I am an indiegogo backer as well and have been anxiously waiting for a product, ANY product. Considering there hasnt even been a response to this thread yet from anyone on the team, I am very worried. At this point I think I’d just rather have my money back. Very disappointing for a product that has so much potential.

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People who ask by email get a refund or a working Dreamcatcher, AFAIK they still don’t have the finished enclosure so no final lanterns yet. The current dreamcatcher is an indoor unit and you either put the receiver module outside with a RG-6 cable like you would use for a satellite dish or use an adapter and set up the receiver and board on a table to Othernet.
If you need all-in-one a 5gal/20L bucket holds everything nicely, with some light carpentry or 3d printing make a base for the board and aan elevation aimable mount for the LNB. Set the LNB elevation for your area, close the bucket add a rubber gland for power, I like 2 pin SAE trailer connector, and mark the container for north allignment and you have an easy/fast to set up all in one othernet base unit.

I’m wondering the same thing.
They gave us an opportunity to get our money back a few years ago, but I decided that I still wanted my Lantern so I opted to wait. I never thought they would ghost me.

I’ve been wondering about this for years. I’m rather disappointed that even after paying a little extra for shipping nothing ever hit my doorstep.

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Bump to address these situations to Syed. The rest of us readers are not able to comment to your requests.

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Still working on it. We can send the current Dreamcatcher with LNB to any backers that would like that instead of Lantern.

There are a host of reasons for Lantern being delayed, which I’m not interested in going into right now, but it is still in active development to meet the goals of a product which can be available in lower-income markets for as little cost as possible.


Yes. Please send me a dream catcher instead of the lantern. I contributed to the indiegogo campaign under this email address.