Light house setup

If the Signal bar (first bar) is 0, then the tuner does not see any signal.

As for time, it is set either using NTP when the box is connected to Internet, or through signaling data when it has a service lock. The mainboard doesn’t have a battery for the clock, so time gets reset on each boot.

It works! Thank you for your support.
Changing the lnb and cable made no difference.
While changing the cable I noticed that the ground was not attached to the dish or cable.
I connected the ground and the signal showed up and connected right away.
Friday I will take it all apart and see if I can recreate the problem.
Static build up? Floating ground? I will let you know what I find. Skybox worked for years
without ground…

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Sounds good. Let us know what you find. It will surely help us improve our design.

I’m surprised that it needed a ground. I have yet to install a dish/receiver with one. But good to know that this is a potential problem!

I have removed the ground and it continues to work. I will give it some time and see
what happens. Not able to get up on the roof today to try making some other changes.
I want to try a dual lnb so that I can use the skybox at the same time. I also want to try
using the pass through on the skybox. I also want to reconnect my motor and try satmex6.
I am not sure how often you re-broadcast data and how my connecting and disconnecting the
lighthouse throughout the day will effect the completion of downloads. I do see that some apps for the tweets have arrived…

hmm seems i’m having a similar problem not getting the signal to lock.
how did you connect a ground to the system?


some imgs

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I have the grounding block shown in the sadoun link above.
I connected a wire from the grounding block to a copper water pipe in the house.
I then received signal and connected right after. I can not explain it and have not
yet been able to recreate the problem to prove that this was the issue. It has been suggested
to me that a static charge from the wind can build up and retard high frequencies in the
cable. If this is so, why did the skybox work? If this is all correct, then with the ground
removed I should eventually see the same issue. I have disconnected the ground and
am waiting to see what happens. Everything is still working right now.