Lighthouse and ORx firmware update 2.6

We’re pleased to announce a new release of Lighthouse and ORx firmware. The 2.6 release brings the following changes:

  • Content usage analytics (turned on by default, can be turned off through the new Settings section on the Settings page)
  • Ability to change the default interface language after setup wizard has completed, through the new Settings section on the Settings page
  • Fixes to free space calculation
  • ONDD fixes for handling some of the newer USB storage devices
  • FSAL fixes
  • (Lighthouse only) Ability to permanently change shell user password
  • (ORx only) New and improved image format
  • User interface facelift

Content usage analytics

Content usage analytics reports on the files that you access and the method you used to access them. To keep things completely transparent, each event that is recorded is also logged in the application logs. You can also turn the feature off by using the “Send reports” checkbox in on the Settings page (see next heading for details).

The new Settings section

The new Settings section on the Settings page (sorry about the ‘creative’ naming) gives you access to two new configuration options:

  • Analytics on/off toggle
  • Default interface language

Setting the shell user password (Lighthouse)

Before this release Lighthouse users did not have the ability to permanently change the password for the ‘outernet’ user that is used for SSH. This presented a slight security problem for boxes that are exposed on the Internet. As of this release, the password can be permanently changed using the passwd command.

New image format for ORx

The ORx images no longer need to be written to SD cards using specialized software. From 2.6 onwards, you will simply unpack the zip file containing the system files, and put them on a blank SD card.

After using the receiver for a while, you will also be able to access the downloaded files using the DOWNLOADS folder on the card that is created by the receiver software.

User interface facelift

We’ve introduced some cosmetic changes to the interface to modernize the looks a little.


Lighthouses can also be updated OTA.

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I just freshly baked an SD card with this new image and set it up. All appears to be well so far, downloading at about 90 Kbps from Galaxy 19.
The new features sound great.

this will be public in the future ? like a web page ? :smiley:

It might, but we don’t plan to make it public any time soon.