Lighthouse update


there is 2 ways to update lighthouse

(from this post)
1- download the lastest update from here example
2- put in on a clean usb
3- name it to wt200.pkg
4-plug the USB stick into your Lighthouse
4-1- When you plug it in the first time, the middle LED should start blinking fast. Then it goes into slow blinking for up to 30 seconds, then all LEDs go out.
5-wait for all LEDs to go out and unplug the USB stick
6-wait for Lighthouse to boot back up

using the sat flow to update your lighthouse .
i supose , for remote areas that only have sat flow , this method

just let your lighthouse update by itself, on the 1.3.0 devs add a download progress bar under tuning options that shows what is donwloading
example images
1 ,2, 3 . outernet broadcast 1 week the image 1.3.0 them the 1.4.0
5, 6 When the download finishes, it automatically installs