Live Cam Feeds on the Outernet

How about an app such as This is an Android App but I’m sure there are others which work on different platforms. This can add some visual interest for those who may not be able to travel to far off places who are just plain curious. It would also enhance the information capabilites of the Outernet. Just an idea.

A neat idea, but due to the non-realtime nature of the project streaming of any kind is not feasible, to my understanding.

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Exactly as Ben points out. Outernet is non-real-time. Any piece of data that needs to be broadcast must go through the encoder which encodes not only that piece of data, but also anything else that is already being broadcast (sort of like a playlist) and then broadcasts the whole batch. Because of this, you can’t incrementally add things to the stream. Well, in theory, you probably could, but we don’t yet have that capability at any rate.

EDIT: Also note that, even if we had the capability to add stuff on-the-fly, we still wouldn’t be able to broadcast live streams, because there’s only one stream for everything that is being broadcast.

Just thought I’d throw that out there. Actually suspected what the reason and answer would be. Thanks.