Logo sticker

So I have a new dish - all put together. Put it is missing something. I would like to make a suggestion: How about a othernet logo sticker for the dish? Next, how about a rough pointing angle chart. I tend to move around with the small dish and some of my radio stuff. Thus far, it all been in the same general area, but if I move outside of 500 miles of where I am, I need to get close to the bird and can use signals strength from there to find tune.


A Sticker would be nice indeed!
For Sat Pointing you could either use a App on your Phone or the “Satellite Finder” i made:

Be careful with stickers. They need to be cut from a special ‘matte’ PVC so as not to reflect solar rays directly into the LNB. I’ve seen LNB grilled during Spring and Autumn Eclipse Season, when the sun is moving behind the satellite.

For pointing dishes, see https://www.dishpointer.com/