Hello everyone,

APRS over LoRa is becoming a thing, real thing that people actually use - at least here in central Europe it grows maybe faster than the traditional APRS.

I wonder - could Dreamcatcher be used to send/receive APRS messages via LoRa? Maybe with some modifications to the chat application? Did anyone already tried anything like that?

Thans, Martin OK1ZXS

The dreamcatcher set up can receive the other net signal but its not a 2 way communication with the satellite.

@logout Could you provide more details to what you have in mind? What point I should make is that the flavor of LoRa on the Dreamcatcher is a bit different than what is used for standard, terrestrial networks. We use the SX1280/81 in the Dreamcatcher, which has different channel bandwidth than the SX127x/6x/LR1110.

Quite everything about APRS over LoRa can be found on these two sites:

Some parts of both websites are in german, but most of it is in English. The frequency used is 433,775 MHz - I don’t understand the principles of LoRa itself enough to comment on whether Dreamcatcher could be used. But last year I briefly heard about it and now there are several iGates supporting LoRa in my neighborhood and even cheap trackers (~35 USD) available in local HAM shops…

So Dreamcatcher immediately popped up in my mind…