Master Feature Request List

Please post your feature requests for the new Dreamcatcher. I’ll continuously update this first post based on the replies.

—restart button DONE!
—saving files to internal flash
—weather viewer
—auto tuner
—message viewer
—APRS viewer
—audio news clips
—simplified status map
—pointing beeps
—8-bit music player
—broadcast Morse
—custom holder
—metalized cone for increased SNR

Not Happening
-shutdown button; ESP32 doesn’t really shutdown

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Don’t know if you can do graphic like Skylark 5.8, but it would be nice - - Ken


Maybe on this screen?

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Where are the VOA news clips going to be located?



Will need to find a place for those.

If we are just tossing out suggestions.

over the air firmware updates (maybe to much to push down through the satellite (even though that’s the coolest way to go) but even uploaded via wifi instead of USB would be nice.)

weather viewer (I knows its on the list but I really want it.)

Is transmitting and/or receiving APRS locally (not via sat.) possible with the hardware? If so, then that.


@Jonvw Are you a ham?


Do you do any firmware development? I ask because the tx-path on the Dreamcatcher is not blocked (and there is even an SMA connected to it), but the receive-only firmware does not support transmitting. You can review the Dreamcatcher firmware; it’s on Github.

Restart and Shutdown commands for the Web GUI.

@BillMc 1.0.5 includes a restart button

Wow, did anyone ever tell you you are awesome? Feature request granted in less than a business day! That’s why you make the “big bucks”. :slight_smile:

We spend a lot of time asking for this or that…but it occurred to me as I held the 2301 board in my hands next to the earlier DCs how far we’ve come. Thanks for all of your and the folks that test / contribute efforts.

I think about that as I check I saw a v1.04 reporting there and I assumed there may be another update coming! We appreciate this effort and hopefully this cancels out a couple of “where’s my XXXX” messages.


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I appreciate the compliment, but I’m just the messenger; I only answer emails and reply to posts.

I agree there has been some progress, but I’ve been at this for a decade. Sadly, there isn’t all that much to show for a decade’s worth of work.

I’ve mentioned this before - - a nicer visual presentation of information. I live the News feeds especially on the Skylark 5.8 version


Very easy to read the titles and decide what to read. In the new DC it doesn’t render cleanly. Ken



I’d like to see something like this so we can know the date/time stamp of the file. This would help me figure out when files stop getting saved (too hard to climb a ladder and pull the SD card everyday and mount on computer). Note the added date and time on the file button / tab / whatever you call it.


Any kind of date / time stamp will do. I also liked the “list” version in Skylark.

SSH would be nice, some of us have our Dreamcatcher somewhat remotely located, SSH would be nice instead of only the webserver. I get that an ESP32 is somewhat limited so running a concurrent SSH server might be overhead limited. Maybe a switch in the web interface that turns off the webserver and turns on the SSH server? Just thoughts.


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  • Include a username setting in DC for capturing and routing “Directed” Forum Messages
  • “Directed” messages in Forum start with an @username and get routed to user folder on DC or placed in general Form Messages folder if not equal to DC username setting
  • Append APRS messages into a date folder single file instead of a seperate file for each update
  • Automatic symlink to map SD card into path (so SD can be mapped from another networked computer)
  • Include Satellite aiming data within the UI
  • Offer a method or place for Othernet subscribers to create/submit authored original content for inclusion in the feed. (may drive additional adoption / open new frontiers)
  • Maybe include a formatted SD card with purchase that includes the Sat aiming data ? & Offer that image for download for users that need or want to reformat / reimage the SD Card.