Move forums to https

This forum should be served over https. With the availability of letsencrypt there is little reason not to.

Wasn’t happy when login process was via http.

You are 100% right at that!

@Syed: If you need help let me know :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll make sure this gets done.

Just a small observation. Discourse is not very good at switching a http install to https. You’ll get mixed content warnings on newer browsers This is the case here too, and on latest firefox the site logos won’t load any more cause they’re served over HTTP. Simple fix is to upload them again in the settings backend of the forum software.

Good point. Will check that tonight.

This should be done now. All http-traffic is now forwarded to https.

Site logos are back to their former glory, though the warning is still there. Turns out the two favicons as last elements are still on HTTP.

Cache was just purged. Could you please confirm that it is working now?

working 100% now. Thanks for the update.