N America signal strength footprint map

I plan to acquire the new Dreamcatcher and begin experimenting with receiving the Ku band signal. I was active during the L-band phase when we used the CHIP board. .

It’s difficult to tell from the Ku footprint map what results I might expect in southern Arizona about 50 miles north of the border with Mexico. Appears to be close to the fringe and drops off very quickly to the south.

Anyone have an idea of how dependable the signal might be in this area? Looks similar to the band in the mid west or Maine.


My sister lives in Tucson, AZ and my cousin lives in greater El Paso, TX. I still have not convinced them to get Dreamcatchers.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

Richard, I’m on the East coast in a similar EIRP fringe. I get good strong signals with plenty of SNR. I think you’ll be OK.

Take a look at my setup guide in the WIKI. Ken


That’s exactly what I needed to know so will probably order one soon. I noticed your user guide a few days ago and it is excellent. A good ballnce of information for both experienced and newer users. Especially like the detail about the board.



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