New DIY Kit , LNA Faulty?

Got my outernet package today (pretty good as I ordered xmas eve)

got it all setup SNR shows as 1.4 - 1.8 ( I need to properly align it ) but I have noticed that the led on the lnr doesn’t light , at what point should the led be lit ?


on mine it comes on about 1 minute after I have fired up the CHIP.
I don’t know what you could try :frowning:

Had similar issues using one of those cheap ebay Buck Converters, I had to play with the Input Voltage to ‘enable’ the LNA. I guess, the LNA doesnt like rippled Power…

seams as though ill need to get another LNA to rule it out

same thing with a new LNA

@Syed can I get a replacement SDR sent ?

Sure, if it’s faulty it’s faulty. Is it the LNA or the SDR that is causing problems?

I’m leaning towards the SDR as , ive tried two LNA’s and none of them light up at any point

Sure thing. Just request the replacement. If you are in the US, it would be great if you could send the defective unit back to us.