NEW equipment / Dreamcatcher

Hello Group,
As someone new to the entire network. As of 2021 learned about the availability and existence of network.

Recently I read about the “Dreamcatcher 3.05 - END OF LIFE” and so can we expect a new something(product). Is this previous model discontinued ?

What is the current status of available equipment for someone new that wants to get involved, purchase new equipment ?

What can be purchased ??

I also read about:
new equipment is sent to the teleports and software and is testing.

The good news is that there should be more flexibility after everything is complete. Users will be able to upload small files over the internet. Receivers should be smaller (though not as powerful, as they will be based on a microcontroller and not running Linux). Source code will be available for the new receivers, so customers can make modifications.

Pardon the dust; there is a lot of housecleaning to do (website copy, new information, outdated documents, etc).

Thanks for any feedback,
“ve3 SP*com”

The current DC3 will work with the Signal in the near Future, the new Board is currently in the last Developement Stages as far as i read on here.

The new Hardrware in the Teleports maybe have many reasons, but one is that it isn’t stable all the time, there where some hickups in the past months on the EU BEam for example.