New Frequency SES-2/North America 12.1032 GHz / beam type 164

The frequency on SES-2 will change to 12.1032 GHz.
The Beam type is: 164

This will happen next week. As soon as a date and time is confirmed, it will be posted here.

The bitrate in the US is being reduced to match the bitrate in Europe. Both beams will now be ~10 kbps. In the coming months, there will be changes to the content and playout schedule. And hopefully new features will be added.

Please manually change the frequency in the Tuner app to 12.1032 GHz

Don’t forget to switch back to the first tab of the Tuner app and click Apply.


your screen shot reflects a change in type from 228 to 247. Can you confirm type along with the frequency …?

Good catch. I just edited the screen shots.

OK, for North America, we are currently using 11.9024 with beam type 247.

Shown are two screen shots with beam type 228, one with 11.9024, the other with 12.1032. For clarity, the second shot should have type 247, as it is before the apply button is used.

Would you confirm on the same sheet of music here, that we will change to 12.1032 with beam type 228?


The confusion here is the Custom Screen will reflect the new freq of 12.1032 with beam type 228 that you’re changing. But when you go back to the Apply Screen (before pressing the Apply Button), it will show the old freq and beam type, but that’s not the final solution.

You must go back to the Satellite Tab and select Custom before you hit the Apply Button to apply the new Custom settings. Ken


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Will the new bitrate eventually go back up for the features coming later?

Rather than increase the bitrate in the US, we’ll add additional channels in other parts of the world. Any new features will work within the 10 kbps bitrate.

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This is fantastic - - please let the community know where you’ll be opening up down links. :smiley: :smiley:

It’s time again to focus on CONTENT. Ken


Do you really need to reduce the bitrate? could you just bring Europe up to ours?

If they reduce the bitrate they will free up money to offer services to other parts of the world, which means more hardware sales. Eventually I would hope the bitrate will go back up, but a priority should be getting as much coverage as possible.

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Agree and consider that, according to statistics from mid-2019, 3.2 billion people, or 41 % of the world population, still have no Internet access; mostly in Africa where over 797 million people, or 60 %, lack service. Ken

Before we worry about bit-rate, I think the volume of content being transmitted needs to reviewed again,

Running the DC 24hr/7 the download folders don’t get anywhere near their capacity that is available before the on-going 7 day purge of old stuff cleans the main SD card. With an 8gig main SD I have never seen less then 6.6gb “free”. The bottom line… more content should be sent to Dreamcatchers that are on continuously or on for long timeframes. I don’t think we are taking full advantage of the carousal being downloaded.


I would also like to see Othernet open up a user portal so we could send specific files to be uploaded to the carousal as was once done in the old Ku-band Galaxy 19 days. Ken


Another reminder… the “Satellite” screen will NOT change after pushing Apply but if you go to “Status” tab or reboot the Dreamcatcher, then you will see the change has been made.

It is 0800 EST, I have changed all DC’s to the new freq, waiting for a signal.
I will watch and wait until chicago goes green

Ok, the frequency change is done. Please be sure to change the beam type to 164. Let us know whether your SNR has changed significantly.

Had to tweak my tuner freq a little, here are my two systems, with a lock
time : 12:54 EST 2/25/2020 still checking snr (about the same)

time:1303 EST, audio started, dropped snr by 2 dB overall

80 cm dish:

18 in dish

I just arrived back home a few minutes ago, after having changed to the new frequency a couple of hours ago. After changing beam type to 164, I started receiving packets! The SNR appears to be as good or maybe 1 dB better than before. I cant be positive about the increase as I wasn’t here to notice immediately before the change.

I have no lock - - I’m getting SNRs between -5 and -10.5 which (while low) should work. My Rssi is still in the correct range for my transmission line/dish at -100 dBm. Ken

Here we go again. No lock, SNR -13, totally disgusting…

18” DirecTV dish with
Maverick Mk1 LNB.

SNR didn’t change from the old frequency but (per ac8dg’s experience) had to use 12.1028 as would not lock on 12.1032. May tweek further.

Here are the results: