New Frequency SES-2/North America 12.1032 GHz / beam type 164

Yup, the tripod moved slightly. Touched it up. OK now with SNR at +4. Think I’ll add another 5 lb weight making total of 10. What are you using to get +9? Stay safe!

I have an 80 cm offset dish 500 feet out from my Dreamcatcher. I am using the Maverick in it now, but the Maverick also works fine in FTA service when I connect it to my FTA receiver with my A-B switch. Also, I have a 20 dB in-line amp in the coax which really boasts my signal. Ken

I have tried the same setup in several locations within 20 miles of my house and I am getting the same results. I will keep experimenting.

Which LNB are you using? @demandzm. I’m at a complete loss. I can send you a return shipping label so I can see what is happening.

I dont think that will be necessary now. The the good news is I now have a lock. I am relocating my fta dish so all my lnbs are disconnected. I tried them all. They all showed the same behavior except one. That one locked immediately with a higher snr. I find this odd, because I used my dreamcatcher to test all of these lnbs before installing my fta dish last fall and they all worked. I’m glad it’s working now but I’m wondering why.

Btw I was using the dual band lnb that came with my dreamcatcher.

It would be a cool feature for a coming update to include a fallback/bootstrap mode script which if slowly scanned across the southern sky a few degrees of angle at a time over several days so that once aimed at the correct satellite location will have time to scan through all frequencies and polarization that the Dreamcatcher could possibly use as a way for a long unused or found Othernet receiver to bootstrap a connection to whatever satellite or freq might be currently serving the Othernet stream and grab any available OTA update as well as updated use instruction guide.
It might even be possible to have an ultra low bandwidth signal which would work with the LNB aimed almost anywhere to transmit a satellite position and freq almanac once or twice a day to help this bootstrap.
Not sure if the Dreamcatcher LoRa chip in FSK mode can do WSJT/WSPR mode but that would be ideal to get that first bootstrap to help find more lost or confused users with a working but incorrectly aimed or configured receiver.
This is especially important since we are aiming to provide services to Internet disconnected populations.

Today I had to adjust the custom frequency on my Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) lnbf. It had drifted outside of the ‘lock’ as the local ambient at my qth jumped up above 60 F for the first time this spring. I ended up moving the custom freq from 12.1026 to 12.10295 . This was the Viewsat lnbf that fits into the rectangular arm of the 18" Directv dish.

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Good information thanks for sharing

North America is off the air now (7 Dec 20 0815 EST) - - Ken


I checked SES-2 on my FTA system, and the entire satellite is inoperative - - not an Othernet problem today. Ken

That’s strange. I should have received a notification if the transponder failed for some reason. Is the tv channel you check just blank?

Oops - - mia culpa. I forgot I had changed out my LNB and it works in a different freq band which I forgot to change in my FTA system. SES-2 is operational.

Othernet still still all red. Don and Jerry’s systems are down too. Ken

No problem. Looking into the frame-lock issue.

@kenbarbi Time is now 0907 MST. The SNR map shows good SNR for all North America terminals, but the framelock map is not working. My unit shows SNR of 4.75 RSSI -60 with lock, bitrate at 10210. I see Ken at SNR 8.0, RSSI -92 with lock and bitrate at 10159.

@maxboysdad My system is back up at 1110. Is your terminal still at 136…145? Don needs to reboot his system. Other terminals are slowly coming back. Syed @Syed should give an update soon too. Ken


This looks like an issue with the device receiving the telemetry from our units. Mine has no indication of a problem on the unit itself.

You are If so, it’s not being forwarded. Ken

Remember my last go-around with the fiber company? They changed me to at that time.
I sent the correction by e-mail. Sorry if it didn’t register at that time. Also see: Content available online?

Good - - they were so close I missed it. Thanks, Ken

@Syed, it has been noticed that our news feeds are four days old, nothing new coming across. Can you check, please? Dreamcatcher diagnostics and “What’s New” show current dates (12/15), however, the news apps are showing 12/11 news. @kenbarbi Ken’s Dreamcatcher and mine are both doing this. Thanks.

Correction, thanks to Chris @csadams, only the Al-Jazeera feed is behind. All the others are presenting OK.