New image - with new EMEA frequency


New Skylark Image for Dreamcatcher is now live on archive:

The image is now common to both, active and passive antenna setups, and the type of Antenna needs to be configured in the Tuner app. The image has the new EMEA(Alphasat) frequency builtin.

No other changes, so for people not on the Alphasat beam, there is no need to update.

How to change the frequency?
CHIP won't start after updating Frequency
Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down


I don’t have a Dreamcatcher, but a CHIP computer. A new image of Skylark would be very welcome with this new frequency for the CHIP, or is there a workaround possible?
Regards, Frank


you can change the frequency in CHIP too:


I have posted an untested flasher/image for CHIP at

I have not been able to test it yet - it will take another day or two. If you try it before then, please let me know how that goes.

I have left the older image up for now, in case there are issues with this one.

Note that in the case of CHIP, the antenna selection dropdown in the UI has no effect.


Hi Abhishek,

Flashed the CHIP with your untested image, thought is was running oke, (signal lock, framelock, downloads ok)…left the building. Coming back…Skylark had stopped, RTLSdr V3 dongle (with bias tee) does not respond anymore. (Outernet) LNA light is giving a nice red light (I can still switch it on and off, but the result is the same…hardly a detectable signal anymore), so it is quite dead because I have tried another dongle (E4000) with the same negative result. So I think the LNA has deceased for unknown (?) reason or worst…the CHIP can be buried too.Game over for me I am afraid…


Am I the only one haveing trouble starting the textpad after installing the new image?

The application ‘ApplicationTextpad’ preloading failed:


Replaced the dead LNA with a spare one…image looks quite stable…tnx



Same over here


Both @lelappe and myself have problems while trying to open textpad after installing the new image.

Maybe @Abhishek can take a look?



I have problems opening the news app here.

Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down
Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down