New Kit, wifi signal Outernet not detected

I followed the directions but no ‘Outernet’ wireless access point. Should I send it back? Any suggestions to possibly fixing it?

are you seeing a white light on the CHIP ? , id also check your PSU , I had one where it would appear fine till I tried to connect to the AP it would brown out and reboot (so I wonder if yours isn’t suppling enough power to the chip

When I plug the CHIP in, the light turns on and I can see the wifi signal, but when I plug the antenna into the CHIP, the light goes out…

are you plugging the antenna into the chip whilst its powered on or did I read that wrong?

I unplug it, first, but it the light wont turn on.

I think it is a power supply issue or that’s what id check anyway , iirc you need 5v @ 2a around 10w


good catch @dans34

I has that going to it… plugged into the wall… I was able to setup the CHIp… glad it works, but cant get it to stay on while plugged into the antenna…

Well… I found the power button on my CHIP and it appears to be working… lol… thanks for your help!

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hah no problem