New L-Band Setup for Outernet

Hello all,

Am new to the Outernet, but have been working for a few months on my receiving setup which consists of a 30 inch Ku band satellite dish, home brew L-band helical antenna mounted at the focal point, Nooelec dongle/preamp, and Outernet In A Box software running on Windows. The Signal to Noise ratio is about 5 which is good enough to get a lock on the signal. This is all very exciting and have been receiving downloads from the Outernet on Inmarsat 4F3 at 98.4W. The use of the dish was a personal preference though and may be overkill for receiving L-band signals, but experimenting is fun.

I have great praise for the Nooelec dongle and preamp that are sold on Amazon, they are working perfectly. Same for Outernet In A Box software, works great.

Have to look over the forum topics to see how successful are those folks using The C.H.I.P.

Glad to have found this forum! Great comments by all.