NEW - Othernet Satellite Calculator Application

Hi everyone,

as some of you already know an Satellite Calculator Application was just Broadcasted to everyone on Othernet around the world. It will also be included in the next Skylark Build.

You only have to enter your GPS Coordinates, select the Region/Beam and click calculate.
Then you got the Heading, Elevation and Skew you need to set the LNB to for Othernet reception.
Easy right? And it works 100% Offline!


Where can i find the Application in Skylark?

Go to the file manager, go to Downloads->Apps and open the Othernet Satellitecalc.html file. If you are asked what Program to use, select Reader.

Why is there no Map / City / Zipcode to enter the Position?

Anyone has a Smartphone or another GPS Capeable Device. Such a feature is almost not possible to deploy offline and Zip/City codes will not work on the Oacen or far away from a City.

On what Devices does it work?

It works on any device that has a Browser which supports Javascript, so if you are able to use the Skylark Webinterface the Application will work.

Can i use the Heading with my Compass? Or is it True Heading?

The Heading is already Compensated for Earths Magnetic deviation, so it is Magnetic Heading and can be directly used with a compass.

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Great !!! The method I used to start the screen was

  1. Start Reader app
  2. File, the open,
  3. double click dowloads,
  4. double click apps
  5. double click ‘Othernet Satellitecalc.html’ ---- and is on the screen !!!

Maybe others have a better way to open the program… but this is great

You can just make a double klick on the file under Downlaods-> Apps. Added it to the FAQ above.