New setup questions. Might not be downloading

Hi All

I received my Dreamcatcher yesterday and I have a few, possibly dumb, questions.

I wrote the SD, hooked up the LNB on a tripod, aimed it, and I’m getting the tuner status in the attached pic. I can hear the audio stream just fine, but after running for 12 hours I don’t appear to be receiving any data.

  1. How can I tell if I’m downloading data, or what do I check to tell if I should expect data to start arriving?

  2. How soon should I start seeing data appearing?

  3. How do I set the system time on the dreamcatcher?


I think you need to look in the news app, or File Manager…

If you’re getting audio, then you should be seeing data pretty much immediately…it’ll just take the files a while to appear…

If it’s connected to your network, it’ll set itself…There’s probably a manual way of doing things, but I’ve not investigated it!

Thanks for the reply!

If I open the news application I’m getting a javascript error, much like the one described in this thread

I’ve tried the recommendations in this thread and a couple others but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

I can open the file manager and browse around but based on the modified by and created on dates nothing in there has been changed or created since the time I first booted.

I’m wondering if some service or process is not getting properly started on boot or something like that, but I’m not sure what to look for.

The time doesn’t seem to be automatically updating either. The device is connected as a client to my home wifi, but the date is still stuck on Jan 1, 2019

I feel like I’m probably missing something obvious.

I’m stuck then!..I’m in the UK, and so at the moment, our stream is just test packets, so I can’t offer much more!

It might be worth looking through the logs, or if push comes to shove…reflash the card…it’ll only take a few minutes

Could you take a screenshot of the What’s New app?

I’ve stepped out for a bit, but i can get a screenshot a little later today.
But if memory serves, the whats new app opens up without error but is completely empty.

No files here either - - just radio - - seems as thou files stopped on 13 Mar Ken

That might explain things. Here’s my what’s new:

@rhazbury: everything looks normal with your receiver.

There was a problem with the file service - which is fixed now. You should see files. can you check now?

There it is! Yep, it appears to be working. Thanks everyone!

Yep - - I’m getting traffic now too. Check out my port forwarded Dreamcatcher at

This might warrant a new topic, but is it possible to setup a samba server on the dreamcatcher?

The browser is nice, but with it on my local network it would be nice to have the downloads folder as network share for access from other devices.


No, but theres an ftp server built in - use the same credentials as you use for logging in.
Or just rsync the files over ssh (which also uses the same creds).

If Samba is needed, another computer or a second Dreamcatcher running Armbian could then be setup as the rsync target and then samba could be installed on this.