New User in need of help

Hi All,

I’m new to the outernet community and i need a bit of help getting started.
I’ve got a Dreamcatcher and an active antenna. but im having trubble getting it to work.
I’ve installed Skylark 4.4 on it and have access and the patch antenna is working as far as i can tell.
but I’m stuck at “Code Lock”, it doesnt progress any further, i’ve had it running 24 hours now and no luck.
My SNR bounces between 8 and 11, as in the attached screen shot.

i’m guessing i’ve missed something somewhere but if someone can point me in the right direction i’d be grateful.


whats your location?

do you have a usb power pack anywhere near the antenna? what kinda setup do you have? active/passive antenna? Dreamcatcher or CHIP?

Hi Abhishek,

I have a dreamcatcher V2.03, and i have the Active Outernet Antenna.
the dreamcatcher is powered from a USB power pack but it is plugged in about 3 feet away.

My location is Slough in the UK

At your SNR, you should be receiving. The only reason for lack of signal lock I can think of: local interference. Could you try another location? Just as a cross-check?

from status

Is that you? I wonder why the status balloon is red - even for the SNR.

Yep, thats Me. and you were 100% right :smiley:
i moved the dreamcatcher & antenna to the other side of the house and i now have frame lock and am receiving packets :smiley: i’ve received about 300 so far with 91% validity

my snr has dropped to between 2 & 3 though :(. so i’m guessing something is broadcasting on or around 1.5Ghz in there. although i have no idea what :frowning: but thats something for another day.