Newbie to the group

Evening guys. Just Joined and have many years in development of satellite based communications would like to get involved in the development of this project.



To everyone on this forum: There are decades of experience inside of Jon that you won’t find anywhere else.

Welcome, JON!

Ill try to help where I can. Love the enthusiasm of the site and the unique use of Lora over Sat.

Hi Jon - - keeps us straight! Ken

what products would the hams like? Test kit? Up/down convert modules (analog of course)?
Or do you prefer SDR although personally it has its merits (and lots of them) but a bit plug and play which kind of take the fun out of actually achieving the connection. Although I’m not a HAM I still get a kick when developing a new product and the loop closes on the channel and then its optimisation and ramping to volume for me but that in its own right has a different sort of High seeing 100k a day run on the line,
Talking to Syed today on how we could accelerate and adapt this tech further.

Btw i am not linked in anyway to Othernet with the exception of developing and manufacturing bullseye but sincerely think that there is a commercial product in it.

tnx for bullseye, to you and Othernet people. It is amazing.

Welcome to the group, Jon! For my part i am an (somewhat incative) HAM and TV-Satellite DXer and have been tinkering with Lorawan for a few years. I’d be interested to adapt the Lora over Sat technology from newscast to audio broadcast, pretty much like the Worlspace/Afristar project had in mind. Of course if you keep the broadcast format compatible, an audio receiver could also receive the data broadcast. I own several Bullseye LNB and love them, especially for keeping locked to extremely narrow audio SCPC signals. Anything you could provide to integrate the LNB or parts of the circuitry into such a project would be highly welcomed, even if it is the programming protocol to fine tune the freq offset.

Welcome, JON!

HI Caveman99
Ill talk to Syed about the release of the protocol and hardware requirements but could possibly send you one of the very few built hardware programmers that you will require (Syed doesn’t even have one of these!), You can then test the functionality and possibly report here or on you tube.
The hardware is also a LNB bias tee with tone and voltage control plus a 75 to 50R impedance transformer and reference output so you can easily interface to 50R.
If you send me your details via PM or via Syed i can arrange it for you and provide the Gui to drive the hardware.