No Dreamcatcher WiFi

Hey guys,

After loading the image on the SD card and booting the Dreamcatcher, no “outernet” wifi network appears… I thought it might be the SD card or image, so I tried it again with a new card, and the same thing happened. Am I doing something wrong?

Setup documentation here:

Other documentation can be found @

  1. To connect to wifi network, use command line:

nmcli d wifi connect your_ssid password your_password
or using the text UI:

to check assigned ip use:

SSID/password, once configured, will be stored, and should be applied automatically at next boot.

UPDATE:. I should have read your message closer. You are expecting an AP with and SSID of Outernet. This is currently not an included automatic function of the armbian image.

The DIY Kit User Manual where this is mentioned is geared towards the CHIP and the Skylark interface.

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With armbian on Dreamcatcher. The wifi isn’t turned on…Once you have the new file with Skylark . (Coming soon)… the wifi pops on and you will see the outernet wifi ap.

This is what I know from my testing…

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Thanks guys, I was going crazy trying to figure this out. Hopefully the new file will come out soon.