Noob Antenna Question

I bought the Othernet kit a little over a year ago and I’m just getting back to it. :frowning: I have a Trivec-Avant AV2040-2 Military Wideband SATCOM Antenna and wanted to know if it’s something I can use with this project?

Thank you for any guidance!

You can’t as this antenna is not specified for the Comsat range of 10-12 GHz but way lower in the UHF band around 300-400 MHz. In good conditions you shouldn’t need an antenna at all, the lnb that came with the kit IS the antenna.

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To expand on the what @caveman99 said, the end of the LNB with the cover/lens is a corrugated horn antenna.

At the small end of the horn–and connected directly to the PCB inside of the cast metal housing of the LNB–there is a 1-cm monopole, which feeds the PCB. The F-connector on the LNB spits out a carrier between 900 and 2400 MHz.