Odd? Behavior with 5.5

Hi after a lot of grief and suffering (this whole thing is NOT and has NEVER been very easy to use for me) I installed 5.5 on a new memory card as 5.3 stopped booting up or whatever version was earlier.

It booted up but then my LNA wasn’t working or somehting. Now the LNB is locked, unlocked, locked, unlocked, locked unlocked. It seems to get the files ok. Is this normal? When locked it is around 5 db snr which is really good. And the packets seem fine. So…??? Any help is appreciated.

what is the packet rate you are seeing? Could you post a snapshot of the Tuner status tab?

Please check/monitor your supply voltage. If you are using too small of a cable also, it will limit the current available to the DreamCatcher. Many of us had these problems early on last year, and found that a heavy-duty charging cable and a power supply capable of 2A were necessary for successful operation… Jerry

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